Whiskey marmalade Hot cross bread & butter pudding

Whiskey marmalade Hot cross bread & butter pudding

Serves 6

6 hot cross buns
200g marmalade jam
150g soft butter

250ml milk
200ml single cream
2 medium eggs
dash vanilla extract
55g caster sugar
50ml Paddy Irish Whiskey

1. Like any bread and butter pudding its best to use old bread and the same applies with the hot cross buns.
2. For the custard, whisk the eggs, sugar, vanilla and whiskey together.
3. Heat the milk and the cream gently and pour this over the egg mixture, whisking to combine. Strain and set aside.
4. Cut the hot cross buns in half like you would when toasting.
5. Spread both sides with butter and marmalade.
6. Place the 6 bottom halves in your oven proof serving dish and pour over half the warm custard.
7. Place the top on the buns on pour over the remaining custard.
8. Press the buns down into the custard to submerge and leave to soak for 30 minutes.
9. Preheat your oven to 170C/ 150C fan
10. Once soaked, carefully place your serving dish in a large deep baking tray in the center of the oven.
11. Fill this baking tray with water until it comes half way up the side of your dish and this will bake bain marie for 35-40 minutes.
12. The pudding will have a slight wobble at this point, carefully remove it from the water and set aside.

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