Summer berry brioche pudding

Serves 6
8 slices of day old brioche
650g mixed Irish Summer berries
1 large orange juice and zest
100ml water
1/2 vanilla pod
60g caster sugar
Line a 2lb pudding mould with clingfilm.
In a pan, heat 200g of berries with the orange juice, zest, water, vanilla and sugar.
Cook until the berries are soft and set aside.
Remove the crusts from the bread and place one slice on the bottom and line the sides with 6
slices remembering to overlap them.
Mix the remaining berries with the compote and spoon this into the center of the pudding,
pressing down and making sure to add all the liquid.
Place another slice of bread on top and cover with the overhanging clingfilm and gently press
Pace in the fridge over night.
Serve with fresh berries and whipped cream

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