Guinness bread

Makes 2lb loaf

250g wholemeal flour
60g plain flour
1 tsp bread soda
1 tsp salt
100g treacle
60g porridge oats*
1 tsp brown sugar
30g butter
100ml Guinness
200ml milk

*extra porridge to sprinkle on top

Preheat your oven to 180°C/160°C fan.
Grease and dust a 2lb loaf tin and set aside.

In a bowl add in the treacle & butter and pop in the microwave for one minute or until the butter is melted and combined with treacle. Set aside to cool slightly.

Pop the wholemeal flour, porridge, soda, plain flour, brown sugar and salt into a bowl and mix.

Mix the Guinness, milk, treacle and butter and add the wet to the dry.

Spoon into prepared tin, sprinkle some porridge oats on top and pop into the oven for 50mins.

Once baked, remove from the tin and pop on a wire rack to cool.

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