Milk Chocolate Honeycomb Mousse

Serves 8


450g milk chocolate

150ml cream

3 egg yolks (60g pasteurised egg yolk)

3 egg whites (90g pasteurised egg white)

50g caster sugar

250ml whipped cream


100g caster sugar

10ml water

25g honey

1 level teaspoon bread soda


For the mousse, place the chocolate and cream in a bowl over pot of gently simmering water and mix until combined, remove from the heat.

Whisk the egg white and sugar until thick and glossy.

Add the yolk to the chocolate mixture and mix to combine.

Fold in the meringue and finally fold in the whipped cream.

Pour this mousse into your serving glasses and chill for a minimum of three hours.

For the honeycomb, line a baking tray with parchment paper and set aside.

Place the sugar, water and honey in a pot over low heat and cook until it starts to turn golden brown.

Carefully remove from the heat an add the bread soda and stir with a wooden spoon.

The mixture will froth up so you need to work fast. Once the soda is added , stir and pour onto the baking sheet and leave to cool. Do not move the tray as this will knock the air out of the honeycomb.

To serve, scoop some cream on top of the chilled mousse, crunch some honeycomb on top and enjoy!

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